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Straight Spouse Weekends

Pain is Inevitable.  Hearts CAN Heal.  There IS light after the storm.

"The Remembrance Course taught me to embrace my empathy and love for others and harness it so as not to hurt myself.  I learned a lot about myself that healed my past and helped me be excited about the future."

- C. Weissman

At first, you didn't know what to feel.  Then you felt a torrent of overwhelming emotions.  Your world was crashing around you, you didn't know what to do or where to turn.  And when you needed help the most, you felt lost and alone.


Then you began to find others who share your experience.  You found websites, blogs, and articles of others whose wives or husbands had come out as gay.  You may have found an on-line message board or a support group - or even a therapist - who helped you realize you're not alone.  You took the first steps toward getting through this crisis.


Peer support is an important first step on the road to healing.  But often times it's not enough.  Sometimes you need help with the bigger issues.


The Straight Spouse Weekend is a personal empowerment experience for straight spouses and adult children of LGBT parents who came out while married.  Kintsukuroi and Your Infinite Life Training & Coaching have teamed up to provide straight spouses a learning experience that enhances an individual's personal and professional development. Your Infinite Life serves as a bridge for people as they are guided to discover, honor and live their unique life's purpose

Presented by Your Infinite Life Training & Coaching, The Remembrance Course helps people rediscover their true selves -- the confident, competent person they were born to be before life got in the way.



Realizing that everything you thought was real, isn’t. Hopes and dreams are shattered. Memories are broken. Everything you have worked towards, building a future together, the promise of children, security, unity – gone. 


You need to find new hopes and dreams.





Finding out the person you married completely fooled you definitely leaves you with trust issues. 


Will I ever be able to trust another lover in the future?




"The Remembrance Course taught me to embrace my empathy and love for others and harness it so as not to hurt myself.  I learned a lot about myself that healed my past and helped me be excited about the future." 

- C. Weissman




I wasted 10 years of my life with somebody who thought it acceptable to lie to me and use me. Fast forward 10 years and I was severely depressed, anti-social, unemployed and using drugs.


People say, “You’ve got to put that all behind you.”




Self Esteem:


Embarrassed, ashamed, inadequate, unworthy, ignored, unappreciated, foolish, angry, sad, confused, unattractive, stupid, disgusting, naive, used, doubtful, abandoned.  I have issues now that I didn’t have before.


I have to start rebuilding what’s been broken.



In all my years of searching, I have never found a program of change that worked as fast or was as thorough as The Remembrance Course™.  I came out of that course, knowing myself better and genuinely loving who I am."

- R. Burton, PhD




When I left my husband I had to move back in with my parents. Moving back in my 30s - well I just felt embarrassed; having to rely on other people, emotionally, financially. I’ve felt like such a hindrance, a real pain in the ass.


I need my independence back.





I didn’t realize how controlling and manipulative my husband was. He controlled every aspect of my life. When I left him I had no idea who I was anymore.  Now, I need to be in touch with who I am, who I was before, and the kind of person I aspire to be.


I need to reclaim my identity.



"The Remembrance Course™ helped me identify and remove many of my protections that keep me from feeling and being my authentic self."

- D. Kuebler


Friends & Family:


I’ve lost some friends. I've also lost relationships with extended family, which makes me sad at times. As if overnight all ties were severed.  I know this happens in most break ups but for me it felt all the more awkward because of the circumstances surrounding it, I couldn’t even talk about it, because I didn’t want to hurt their feelings. 


Will I ever make friends again? 

Will anyone close to me really understand what I’m going through?



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The Remembrance Course - A Magnificence Experience


Remember a time when you felt magnificent?  Remember a time when you responded from the expression of your brilliance?


At The Remembrance Course, you will be given the time to focus on yourself, and discover competencies and gifts within yourself that will assist you in getting what you most desire from life by way of unleashing your innate magnificence. You will develop the courage and insight to take the steps-or a leap-by becoming aware of limiting beliefs you have been operating from that have unknowingly been preventing you from seeing yourself through your greater vision. Once you are aware of the limiting beliefs, you will form new ones along with ideas and choices to achieve your greater goals.


The Remembrance Course-A Magnificence Experience provides accelerated pathways to help you more easily and quickly gain positive insight, arrive at new conclusions, and take new actions, leading to greater ease and effectiveness in achieving your goals.

Straight Spouse Weekends - The Rememberance Course Offerings
Washington, DC  -  January 9th - 11th
San Francisco, CA  -  April  (dates to be announced)
Chicago, IL -  May (dates to be announced)
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